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What Is Glencar waterfall

The Glencar waterfall which lies on the County Leitrim border is a large 50 foot waterfall, and has a loop walk where you get right up close to this majestic fall.

It is known that to be the inspiration behind one of Ireland’s favourite and rightly famous poets, William Butler Yeats. The waterfall itself actually features in his poem the “Stolen Child”.


The Glencar waterfall and  0.48 km, loop walk  trail near Glencar, County Leitrim. An easy route, it takes on average of 15 min to complete depending on time spent looking at the waterfall itself. With the short distance and quick turnaround the trail is great for families.

Glencar Waterfall

Close proximity to Glencar Lough and the Glencar walking tracks and access to one of the largest waterfalls in Ireland the Devils Chimney. The whole area links into the 5 Glens Atlantic loop. This loop is a idea developed by local businesses to help promote local tourism. Its aim is to grow economical prospect for the local counties in the North West Region, Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh and Roscommon.

To find out more on this loop check the useful resource below.

5 Glens Atlantic Loop

Coffee shop and kids play area add to the options for refreshments and entertainment and perfect way to end the Glencar experience.

Where is Glencar waterfall

The waterfall is located about 15 minutes from Sligo Town centre, although the waterfall is in County Leitrim as it is just over the boarder.

How to get there

Plan your trip to Glencar via Google Maps planner.


The waterfall and walking track at Glencar is free to use

Opening Hours

Glencar Waterfall hours are always open, for the Tea Shed Cafe at Glencar check Grab a coffee section below.

Grab A coffee

The TeaShed cafe on the Glencar site serves great coffee with perfect views of the Glencar Lough.

View TeaShed Facebook page for opening hours and more information.

Where to eat

Sligo town is only 15 minutes from Glencar and one of our favourites is Sweet Beat Cafe. This is known as one of the best cafes in Ireland and is multi award winning.

Sweet Beat beans and soup


Formoyle, Glencar, Co. Leitrim


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(071) 916 1201


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  1. We managed to visit the Glencar waterfall on our trip to Ireland last year and very much enjoyed it as it’s very beautiful. But we do regret that we didn’t manage to see the Devil’s Chimney as well. Great post – it’s nice to know about all the practical visiting info as well as to discover other attractions in the area.

  2. I’ve never heard of this waterfall so was really interested in learning more as I’ve travelled a lot around Ireland. Lovely photos and info, especially on where to eat as I wouldn’t know where to go for food or coffee.

  3. Looks like a fun little hike if you don’t have a ton of time to commit to it. Is that an old walking trail behind the waterfall? There looks to be something man made behind it but I can’t tell what it is.

    1. It really is thats why we visit so often I love a good waterfall

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