The Fascinating 13th Century Roscommon Castle Ruins

Roscommon castle Ruins

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Go back in time and take a visit to the 13th-century Norman castle which is the Roscommon Castle. Immerse yourself in the wonderful piece of Irish history and take in the surroundings and you find yourself imagining what this castle was once like all those many years ago. Set in the heart of the town you can you see how this great structure used to be a focal part of Roscommon town and even to this day gives the town a great identity. 

Not only known for its castle ruins you can visit the adjacent Loughnaneane Park and follow the parks sculpture trail showing the history of this fascinating park. your find a children’s play area, walking tracks, fitness area, lake, and small amphitheater round of the park just perfectly as a recreational place for all the family to visit. 

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History of Roscommon castle

The castle once of Hugh O’Connor, the King of Connaught features a quadrangular plan with rounded bastions at the corners and a double-towered entrance gate. Dating back to 1269 which was then owned by Robert de Ufford, on lands which were taken from an Augustinian priory.

The castle was laid to siege by the Connacht King Aodh O’Connor in 1272. Eight years on, and then again in the possession of the English garrison and fully restored. 1340 came around and the O’Connors had regained possession and held it until 1569, to which it then fell to Sir Henry Sidney, who at the time was the Lord Deputy.

It was later recaptured by the Irish in 1645 and remained until 1642 until the Cromwell army partially blew it up. In 1690 the castle was blown up and fell into decay and now all that lies are it’s ruins.

Fast forward to this day the castle and local councils are always working hard to constantly make sure the site is under maintained and all improvements are met to retain this pride and joy of Roscommon town.  The castle is also one stop on the Roscommon heritage trail which takes you back in time to look at the history of the fascinating town starting at the unique and very quirky Roscommon County museum

Roscommon Castle in Roscommon, Connacht


As mentioned the castle lies right in the heart of Roscommon town in the mid west of Ireland on the site of Loughnaneane Park where your find this 14-acre recreational and historical site. 

Close to town it has all the access to restaurants, bars, shopping and some cool boutique stores. Great transport links with buses, trains and local link services available.

Roscommon is part of what we call Ireland’s hidden heartlands, an off the beaten, road less travelled destination which is waiting for you to explore.

Roscommon Castle ruins in Roscommon

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The Fascinating 13th Century Roscommon Castle Ruins

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