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What Is the Templetogher Mill

Templetogher Mill is a community restored corn mill, featuring a corn drying kiln nearby. The known last family to run the mill was said to be the Egan family of millers, before falling to ruin. Its is now a whole heritage site for all to visit.


The mill itself is a three-bay, three-storey water mill, something that use to be popular of small rural mills in County Galway and it is great that in stayed in tact so well and with its restoration looks great, which is rare. The water wheel is still present on the mill.

Templetogher Mill

Templetogher restoration came about from the Williamstown heritage society and this was known as there  flagship project and the centrepiece of there achievements has been Templetogher Mill and new Heritage Area. 

Heritage Area

The heritage area allows you wander around these restored buildings including the kiln and the millers cottage, a picnic area and little stream leading to walk along.

Millers Cottage

Where is Templetogher Mill

Located in County Galway but very close to the Roscommon border in the town of Williamstown.

How to get there

The best and easiest way to get to the heritage site and mill is to plan a trip with Google Maps this link will give you exact location.


The Templetogher Mill is free to view

Opening Hours

The mill is an open site so it is available to see 24 hours a day

Grab A coffee

The Tea Junction is 10 minutes away in the town of Ballymoe serving up your nearest and local coffee.

Finer Details


Crumlin, Williamstown, County Galway







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